Mancini Facebook Page

Figgit has handled this work by developing a main concept for Gioielleria Mancini Facebook page able to communicate in a clever way with users and encouraging them to discover news and tips linked to the gold-making world, by driving users to peek inside the very heart of the company: how does the artisan work and all the way through it's unique creations.

By using different types of contents, the company not only advertises its products and its creations, but actively interacts with the audience, unveiling ist history though engaging pictures, anecdotes and stories from every-day-life. Users have the opportunity to get in touch with the artizan and goldsmith Marco Mancini, his workshop and his beautiful family who help him out with his work.

Thanks to webmarketing strategies we are reaching important goals in promoting the company and driving users from the web to the point of sale. Managing our client's Facebook, mean we have to worry about the "advertising" outcome of the activity, as well as creating "engagement" between users and brands, though advanced tecniques of storytelling.